Wednesday, 2 November 2016


You know, every time I go to blog recently something comes up. I mean granted it doesn't take much to distract me anyway but thats not the point lol.
So whats been happening since I last blogged? Not much I guess. Halloween is the main thing. We decided against 'trick or treating' this year as there's been a lot of reports of idiots dressing up and scaring people for the sake of it so we went to Caitlin's brownie Halloween party instead.
The party was dreadful! There was a tiny dance floor, nothing to do and even though you paid to get in if you wanted a drink or a little cup of jelly it was a further cost. 3 packs of crisps were almost £2! There was one bright spot though in that Cam won the costume contest! His prize was great too, a bag full of sweets, a trophy and a Roald Dahl book. He was over the moon :)
As the party was a bit of a bust we had a little get together at Mums house the next day. Mainly Halloween activities but Mum bought some Christmas cookies for the kids to decorate. You can see the difference between my kids here. Messy, half eaten cookie covered in chocolate by Cameron, and very detailed, colour co-ordinated cookie by Caitlin.
So Halloween now over, we're now in November, means I'm allowed to say Christmas without getting yelled at. Yey!!!!!!!!!!

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