Tuesday, 15 November 2016


Well today was a bit more interesting than yesterday, I did hoovering too!
Just kidding, I mean I did but I did other stuff too. I took my Gran to a Dr appointment, did a layout, did some shopping, some batch cooking and made some roses for my Grans wreath. Last year I made one for my Mum and it took me AGES, so of course I decided to do two this year *rolls eyes*
This was my Mums
Takes a fair few rolled roses as you can see! Looks lovely once done though, I put a large bow in the middle of my Mums in the end but not sure what I'll do with my Grans.
So guess what, as well as scrapping I actually photographed a couple of layouts too! This one was a scraplift of a class Nicola Mardlin did over at Like for ever. I bought a few of the embellishments and made up a kit with those and my exsisting stash. I love doing this as it encorages me to use up what I have, but mixes it with a few new items so they don't feel so dated.
The photo is Cameron a few years back, we were at a fete and they had a stall where police were giving talks to children on stranger danger. For some reason at the time Caitlin was really scared of anyone in uniform, including the police. Obviously this was something we wanted to help her get over so Cameron held her hand, took her over and chatted to the police with her. They were lovely and while Caitlin didn't quite have the confidence to wear a hat and stand next to the giant bear it really helped her. Shes fine now and regularly chats to the Community support officers that hang around her school at drop off and pick up points.
Just to point out we don't live in a bad area it's just to watch people don't park across driveways lol.

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