Friday, 4 November 2016

Bonfire night

Ok so Bonfire night is technically tomorrow but our local display was on today for some reason. We don't usually go but Caitlin wanted to take one of her friends with us so Cam decided he wanted to come too.
Glad we went as it was really good! When I went as a kid it was always really, really crowded and freezing and I hated it. While it was busy it wasn't 'shoving' busy iykwim. Cameron was a little uneasy at some points but he did well :)
Caitlin loved it! Said it was like 'Drawing in the sky' Got to be a title for a layout ;)
Speaking of layouts, I've been scrapping a fair bit recently as I'm quite up to date with my Christmas crafting (go me) but I haven't photographed any of them yet (not so go me) If it's sunny tomorrow it on my to do list for then!
This one is from the Central park Like for ever kit. I had tons of these little wooden words so I tried to use as many as I could on each layout.
On this one I wrote 'Our big adventure, Always remember this happened, You are my reason to smile' The photo was taken at Disneyland when we met Jack Sparrow. We met a lot of characters that week but I think he was one of my favourite. He was so funny and asked Cameron to do his best 'pirate face' then pretended to be scared. Caitlin was a little intimidated but he was lovely to her and made her giggle.
I want to go back to Disneyland! *sulks*

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