Wednesday, 30 November 2016

My week

This week has mainly been about cleaning and making paper roses.
Lots and lots of paper roses.
I swear my Mums wreath didn't take half this long!
It hasn't all been about roses though. Thursday we took the kids to a Christmas fayre. It was sooo quiet but we went to a local fish and chip shop and found they did battered Mars bars! I think its a Scottish thing and I ate loads of them when I was a kid. Mark had never tried them and thought I was crazy when I told him about them. I've wanted him to try them for ages so was very excited.
Mark and Caitlin were not impressed, Cameron however loved them. Like Mother like son ;)
Saturday Caitlin was off to Harry Potter world with her Brownie group. She was so excited. I love how independant she is and happy to go on trips and things.
While she was off I made the most of the time to go shopping with Mum. I've pretty much finished all my Christmas shopping but still had advent calender bits and stocking bits to buy. Had to have a coffee to fuel up first of course ;)
Honeycomb latte. Yum.
Sunday we did something very controversial and put the tree up! We don't usually do it until December but with the kids clubs and everything Sunday was the last day we had to do it together.
I admit I usually let the kids decorate the tree, then I 'may' move one or two (or all) of the decoratios where I think they should go. This year though apart from telling them to put the glass ones safely out of Pug reach I let them go mad.
Surprisingly I love the result :) I can't wait until Christmas!!!!!

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  1. I've never tried one, but not a big fan of batter or Mars bars so probably not for me. Your tree looks lovely.


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