Saturday, 19 November 2016

Ice skating!

Today was our first Christmas day out :) Christmas is huge in our family. lots of food, gifts, making things, and spending time together. I plan everything for months, saving up vouchers and everything to make it a big deal on our budget. :) This one of our trips was ice skating at a local garden center. The kids both loved it when we went to a big rink earlier in the year so we were all excited about this one!
Cameron bless him did brilliant! Caitlin was off on her own as usual, no idea where that girl gets her co-ordination from. When we went before Cameron managed to balance with some help, but for some reason he could not move forward. He just kinda skated on the spot. This time though something clicked and he was doing brilliantly. It was wonderful to see him so pleased with himself. :)
Mark obviously couldn't join in so he sat by the edge taking photos, I love this one he got of us. My Mum had just slipped and I grabbed her so that's why we're laughing, Cam is photobombing us and Caitlin is standing thinking 'Why am I with these crazy people'
Lots more planned to come! Tomorrow is a food festival in a town nearby, yum :)

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