Tuesday, 8 November 2016


So I'm currently sitting on the couch with a hot water bottle, it's freezing here and I refuse to put the heating on if I don't have to.
So today has been crappy. It wasn't too bad at first, got a lot done, decluttered a bit more, it was all good; then the kids came home.
The kids themselves weren't the issue, it was more the news they brought with them. I had a son really upset because one of the kids in his class seems to have it out for him, and a daughter breaking her heart over not getting a part in the school play.
Now I love my daughter, there are so many things she is amazing at and I'm so proud of her. Singing or dancing in front of a crowd however, not one of them. She panics, she stutters and completely shuts down, so when she told me last week she didn't get a part in the Christmas play I wasn't too surprised. She was upset, bless her she had actually tried out for a dancing part but didn't get it, few tears and pizza for dinner however and all was good again. Then she goes into school today and finds out that a load of kids who didn't get parts either now had parts because their parents had gone into school and kicked up. Why?! Caitlin was bloody heartbroken, shes now the only one of her friends who doesn't have a proper part, but admits shes still too scared to do it.
Why do parents do that? I mean if I thought my kid was being treated unfairly I'd be the first one to kick up but I've never been a believer that all kids should get a medal for participaing iykwim, at least not at this age. Some kids get a part in the play, some don't that's life, if it's fair then I can explain it to Cait but saying that parts are based on how much your Mum and Dad kick up isn't a good excuse. Ugh.
Ok moaning over with. Still havent photographed my new layouts so heres another old one. Not my usual style, lots of white space, but there were a lot of little embellishments so thought that would balance it out.
I fully admit the only reason this layout is called 'Yey' is because it was the only title I could make with the alphas I had left lol.
Well fingers crossed for happier kids at pickup tomorrow! Just in case I might buy a pizza for dinner, ;)

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