Sunday, 20 November 2016


You know when you have a plan, and then it all goes to hell? Well today was one of those days lol. Still had a great time though, so thats the main thing ;)
It started off great. I was sitting watching 'I'm a celebrity' with the kids and the coke truck ad came on tv!!! That's the first real sign of Christmas to me and I always get very excited. this time I screamed and the kids jumped about 6 foot in the air!
I found it funnier than they did lol.
So the plan for today was to chill out in the morning, go to a food festival in the afternoon and use some Tesco vouchers I cashed in for a lovely family meal at Prezzo.
The food festival was in a city about 45 mins away. Travelling there was fine, took us half an hour to get there. Then took us nearly an hour to find a parking space. The traffic was crazy and all of the disabled spaces were taken (most by people with no blue badges I'd like to point out) Caitlin was feeling really travel sick by this point and I was beginning to stress so not good. We eventually found a space in a little back ally type car park. We were so glad to get out of that car.
So off to the market. This was fun :) We tried lots of different foods, bought some fancy jams and cheeses and Cait picked up a little pressie for Mark too so she was pleased. Cam thought the band playing Christmas music was hilarious (I think they'd had a few) and we all bought giant slices of various brownie for home later so yey.
By now though we knew Prezzo wasn't happening. Poor Cait still wasn't feeling herself :( So we decided to put that to another day and just buy a take away. Typically everyone wanted different things. *rolls eyes* Mark bought food from a noodle bar, Cameron a whole pizza from a street vendor and of all the food there Caitlin wanted.......a ham sandwhich. Bless her. Thank goodness for Subway.
To round off the drama we nearly hit a baby deer on the way home too!
So now home with full tummies, sore legs, and a very large glass of wine for Mummy while she makes teeny origami bows for the kids class christmas gift. Only need to make 90 of them, easy.... ;)
Next weekend we might just go cinema!

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