Monday, 14 November 2016

Shine today

I've no idea what I'm doing lol, seriously I'm sitting staring at the screen wondering what to write. I'm so boring!!!
Do you know what I did today? I got up, tidied up and did dishes; took the kids to school, came home, tidied up and did dishes; answered emails, tidied up and did dishes; picked kids up, came home, tidied up and did dishes. I swear I have a magic sink that just breeds dishes! The kids obviously eat a lot, so that makes dishes, and Mark drinks about 60 cups of tea a day (never in the same mug) so that makes a ton of dishes too.
Thinking about it I don't know why I'm so behind on my scrapping because I never do anything to take photos of!
So back to when I did have something to take photos of lol. We went to Disney last year so took a ton of photos. This was one of my favourites, the staff were nice enough to take a photo of us with our camera. I love the staff at Disney, seriously i can't fault them. I know they must make a mint at the park but they really seem to go out of their way to make your visit special.
Advert over lol, this layout is another from the Like forever kit 'Central park'. When I get kits I try to use as much as possible up before I declare the kit killed and break the remains up into my stash. This is simple when its a sheet of chipboard or a pack of buttons but rolls of washi last AGES! I found a sketch though and used washi instead of pp and I love the result. Used lots up too :)
Hopefully will have something interesting to blog about tomorrow, if not I might have to start taking photos of washing up liquid!

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