Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Should I iron or watch tv......?

Evening all!!! Had hoped to get some photos taken and let you all know what Ive ben up to but not had a chance yet. lol. Amazes me how quick times going recently. I do have one photo though

How cute is she! This is Lillie again, it amazes me how much she looks like my daughter at that age. Hope she doesnt have the same attitude as my dd though! Remember how she ripped the wallpaper, well shes topped that off by drawing everywhere in black felt tip!!!! Lord knows where she got the bloody thing as we dont buy them but knowing her she probably smuggled it in from nursery. lol
Did a huge pile of ironing today watching 'Remember me' Did see it at the cinima and cried but was worse this time as I knew what was comming so cried earlier. lol. Poor cam came in and saw me:
Cameron - Mummy why are you crying?
Me - Well that man on tv is a nice man, and hes going to be sad in a miniute.
Cameron - Dont worry mummy, I'll share my trains with him, that will make him happy again!
Bless him!! Hes such a little sweetie. Amazes me how different my two are at times. One so sensitive and the other so tough. Its like I said to hubby, if someone upset you, Cameron would give you a cuddle to cheer you up, while Caitlin would punch the person who upset you! lol.
Well taking Cameron to the cinima tomorrow to see toy story 3. First time hes been cinima so stocked up on sweets and hopin he wont get bored!!!

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  1. It is funny how they are chalk and cheese. I must watch Remember Me at some point with a box of hankies at the ready LOL.


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