Wednesday, 18 August 2010


Long day!!! Hubby took kids to the park this afternoon so just been pottering about doing little jobs. Its amazing how quick the day goes when doing this! Going Thomas Land again tomorrow so Camerons bouncing off the walls, lol.
This morning he and Mark set up all of camerons 'take a long' track in the living room. Cameron was really good at remembering where all the bits went, and loved playing with it when it was done.
This picture shows how much he has.

This shows how happy he is having it. lol

Well been a while since I showed any los. This is one I did from an old SC kit and DT lo. The title is 'her 2nd bithday' because not only is it her 2nd birthday in age, but the second party we had. lol. So liked the double meaning. :) Stamped onto the plain foam letters to tie it into the paper more.

love how simple this LO is. I've never been one for embossing papers untill recently, now I'm addicted. lol. Love how the simple embossing just adds intrest without being too busy.

Another simple one. Can you tell I was in a ribbon mood that day? lol. This is of Cameron at disney when he was about 9 months old. Hense the messy eating. lol

The letters are my fave thing on this lo. I took part in a stash swap recently and this is one bit I got. They were plain plastic but I mounted them on red paper with glossy accents then cut around them. :)

And now for the shopping! Im one of those who start saving for chirstmas at the start of the year then shop stupidly early. So true to form we went christmas shopping while the kids were at nursery. :) First stop was tk maxx, I love that shop. You do need to rummage a bit but you can get some really good buys I think.
This is for me from hubby. :) Ill let him put this lot away, lol.

For me again. :) Love this range.

This I've wanted for ages. Got it in our new home bargains. Plan to alter it and make it all pretty. :)

This is hubbys fault! We say everytime we get Cameron more trains/track that its the last. Never is. Normally me but hubby spotted this and kept going on about it so ended up getting it. lol

So of course had to get this adorable dress for Caitlin, only fair. lol

So shopping done, will now do Whats on your workdesk wednesday' and this week, not much! Been finishing off some los I started at crop. Still nto done them yet. lol

Well off to Thomas Land again tomorrow so will either colapse as soon as I get home or will have lots of pictures to share. lol


  1. Loving the layouts, and personally, I think every layout should have ribbon on it LOL. I feel the need to do a bit of shopping, after seeing your goodies.

  2. lots of goodies and lovely layouts too xxx

    well done missus on the shopping front;)

  3. Fab layouts as always Gemma - I love the stamping onto the foam letters.


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