Monday, 9 August 2010

Im back! and ready for bed. lol

Well I'm back! lol. Been for a nice weekend away with Hubby. Obviously not often we get time alone so was nice to walk about just holding hands and not needing to worry about buggy/potty training lol. But first the bits I did before i went away.
Well I mentioned Caitlin ruining her walls again, thought I'd show you. lol. Its actually worse than this, but hard to get good photos.

Would have gone mad normally but planned to paint anyway so not too big a deal. Just going to have to search her for pens form now on!

Also took Cameron to see Toy story 3. He was really well behaved, was so proud! He doesn't like loud noises at the best of times but apart from one bit with a psychotic monkey he sat really well and wasn't scared at all. Though tbh the monkey is really freaky and I wasn't surprised he climbed on my knee at that bit!
So now our weekend. :) We booked this ages ago as a birthday gift to me. We both love the city of York and this is our fourth visit. Its also been our fave b&b. :) We stayed in Feversham lodge in the romantic room.

It was smaller than expected but the details were brill. A very well stocked hostess tray, comfy bed, clean bathroom with fluffy towels. Was very pleased. :) Also had a dvd player which was good as first night there I was too tired to go out so we just watched a dvd, lol.
Next morning breakfast was amazing! Fresh fruit, big fry-up, home made cakes, home made jams and marmalade's. Loved it, I had rhubarb and orange marmalade and it was SO yum! hungry now, lol. After that we walked into the city center.
Mark loves churches and old buildings so was in his element here. York minster is a very beautiful and very imposing building.

Love how 'in awe' Mark looks here. :)

This is part of the cathedral inside. You're only allowed to take photos in certain parts, not that that stopped some people. Had to say I found it really disrespectful some people taking photos next to big signs telling the not to. So stood in front of them a lot of the time. I found it funny, they didn't. :p

Couldn't get any other pictures due to restrictions but the stained glass windows really are amazing, it's well worth a visit. Apparently 50% of all the stained glass in Britain is in those windows.
Around the city there were lots of street performers. Some were ok but loved this guy. He was a fire eater/juggler and he was really funny. Did juggling on a ladder which was interesting to watch.

This guy was a bit different, he had a small saw attached to the bike pedals so when he pedalled the saw would cut. He'd then cut out the name of your choice for £2. Got one each for the kids for stocking filler. :) That's right I'm thinking about Christmas already!

This is the shambles. A street with lots of 'home made' type shops. Was great to see everything being made and then trying it out afterwards! We had lots of wine/beer samples (well I did, lol) fudge, chocolates, sausages etc. Very pricey though, a slice of fudge same size as half a slice of bread would have been around £5!

Betty's was one place I was happy to spend some money! We love coming here whenever we're in York, the cakes and biscuits are brill. And so cute!

So shopping over we went to dinner. Was pleasantly surprised tbh. At an Italian resturant, starter each, main course each, bottle of wine, coffees and dessert each just £46! food as amazing too, so fresh and well made. Really ate a lot this weekend. lol.
We also went to the cinima to see Inception. I wasnt sure about this but its now one of my fave films. :) Really clever and interesting. If you get a chance to see it at the cinima in IMAX I'd def do it as I dont think it would be so impressive on dvd. Walked back through town to get to hotel. Bed, breakfast in morning then home to my babies. :)

So now home and shattered! Ran a few little errands today but glad to be back with the kids. One night away is enough, 2 just seems strange. lol


  1. Looks like you had a great time!! Love all the layouts in your last few posts!

  2. I love York too - a beautiful city. Sadly I always seem to be there on a Sunday so not seen inside the Minster yet as there were always services on.

    Yum Bettys - yes we always make that a place to go, I love the old fashioned service and how it all presented - I hope you remembered to stick your little finger out when drinking your tea LOL!!

    Glad you had a fab time!

  3. sadly Karen I actually do that anyway! Load knows why. lol


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