Sunday, 22 August 2010


I honestly don't know whats up with me! lol. Since Thursday I've just been shattered, though we have been busy every day since then I suppose.
Today we had a great day, though horror of horrors, I forgot my camera!!! I know, I MUST be tired! But anyway life goes on, lol. We went to car boot as planned, got a few bits and bobs for the kids, hubby was happy as yet again got some warhammer bits. Was surprised as you don't often find any let alone two days in a row. Kids got the usual Thomas/Peppa pig toys. Caitlin also got a little buggy with a baby in she was chuffed to bits with. :)
Weather turned out better than we'd hoped so set off to the park afterwards. Think my mum would have cried if she was with us as kids set about splashing in every puddle they could find. lol. This was fine as they had wellies on but Caitlin decided to take it one step further (as she does) and sat in it. Good job I had spare clothes!!
Came home and set about sorting out garage and toy boxes in the house. Starting to look like toys r us again. lol. Going into town tomorrow to get a cheap wooden box from argos and going to paint it up all pretty for Caitlins dressing up clothes.
Well, off to veg on the couch for a bit. Hope everyones well!


  1. Sorry to hear you are so tired, hope you feel better soon!! Glad you got some more bargains today!

  2. How are you feeling today?


    Lisa xxxx


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