Sunday, 15 August 2010

Car boot. :)

Evening all! Had a great time at my crop yesterday (as usual. :) ) Managed a few los but forgot my timmer so need to finish a couple. lol. Will share tomorrow.:)
Today was a bit up and down, went car boot and got some great bargains, also had £50 pickpocketed. :( Apprently its happened a lot there recently. But still bargains. pmsl, gotta look on the bright side! Also the £50 was our shopping money so will help the diet. lol. Oh, it was taken after we bought all this, Im not spending our money on toys rather than food. lol
This is the first lot I've photographed. :) We got a video player a while ago so love getting disney videos. So much cheaper and if kids like them can upgrade to dvds. :) Was pleased to find Cameron a Thomas umbrella for 50p as almost bought him one for £5 the other day. :)
Caitlin's fave buy was the little black bag. It originally had some plastic fruit and bits in it, but she loved it so much she carried it all day! When we got her some new peppa pig pjs (25p!) and slippers she put them in her little bag and carried them too. :)
One of our big bargains is the big track at the back. One thing Cameron does NOT need is more track, but everything he asked for was either too expencive (£4 for a tiny plastic train which does nothing, no thanks) or rubbish, so couldnt say no when we got to this near the end of the carboot. It's all as new and was only £5. his grandad and dad hd a great time setting it up in mums garden and playing with it. lol

This lot I'm putting away for christmas. I know it sounds cheap getting them toys at car boot for christmas but new toys are SO expencive and lets face it, they dont know the difference. Obviously just gonna give them the dough tubs but was pleased with the sets as theres loads of different tools doing lots of random things. lol. Can see lots of mess being made with this!

Was thilled with this lot. Caitlin loves to dress up, but one set from disney store is £25!! So all of these as new for £1 each was bargain. :) Along with a Thomas hat and scarf set for Cam, winters on the way it seems. lol

Saved the best for last (IMO anyway) Saw this in Argos a while back and planned to get it for Cameron when he gets his new Mid sleeper. Thought it would be ideal to put under his bed and store his trains/track. £23 in argos (plus p&p as online only) £3 new at car boot!!

Ok I admit I like bargain hunting. lol. Going to chill out tonight and watch Shutter island. Seen it before but my mum rented it so borrowed it from her. Night all!

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