Sunday, 29 August 2010

Being a mum means feeling guilty all the time

When I fell pregnant with my son it prompted a chat at work about what it means to be a mum. One thing that was said is that being a mum means feeling guilty all the time. 3 years on and it is so true! lol. Do I not do enough? do I spoil them? do I play with them enough? should I let them be more independent? You just can't win! As I;ve said on previous posts we're trying to get sorted for christmas and it is impossible not to feel guilty. Caitlin is having more spent on her as she is getting a bike plus little gifts, while Cameron is just getting the little gifts, but hes got more gifts in number than Caitlin will. AHHHH!!!! lol. Never mind that logically Cameron already has a bike and everything he'll ever need, I still feel bad I'm spending more on Caitlin, and I'm determined not to do what I did 2 xmas's ago, which was just buy things for the sake of it. As they were still opening gifts come new year and I swear some never even got touched. Just going to have to be logical about it I suppose, lol. Not like they're gonna notice, they play with each others stuff anyway! lol. Nobody said motherhood was easy!
One thing that is easy is buying craft stuff! Went into the range today to look for wellies for Caitlin, they didn't have any in her size but they did have these adorable stamps! I'm getting into stamping and card making a bit more so love these. :)

Well as there were no wellies in The range needed to go into Next. Well as the weathers been horrendous lately, I've got all the winter clothes out and discovered that while Camerons wardrobe is literally stuffed with clothes, Caitlins is much more empty (cue another guilt trip!) So I said to Caitlin she could pick one pretty outfit. Now while Caitlin can count, obviously this knowledge went out the window and she ran about pulling clothes off the walls and handing me them saying 'pretty mummy pretty!' God help me when shes a teenager is all I can say!!!! Well finally got it narrowed down to 2 and she picked this one.

Good taste. :) She likes bright colours. Hope everyones enjoying the bank holiday. Meant to be nice tomorrow, fingers crossed!!

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