Friday, 20 August 2010

What day is it?

Yesterday was a weird one. Was poorly thursday night so Mark let me sleep in bless him. Did a bit of housework then collected a TV for my Gran from some nice feecycle people. Was horrified the other day to find out her old, huge tv is rented!!!! £10 a month shes been paying for it! So went to collect a TV from freecycle for her. She was so touched bless her. My grandad couldnt understand how he was getting a TV without paying for it. lol.
So back to Thursday, lol. (will catch up) Was too tired to blog Thursday night so heres some photos from Thomas land again.
Kids all playing on James, Couldn't get Evie off! lol

Cameron pretending to be asleep like James.

Nice picture of my Mum and Caitlin.

Just the girls. :)

Could NOT get Cameron near this, lol. Oh well.

Kids all had a brill day so was really pleased. Much busier than we last went though so didn't get on as many rides.
Today we went to a 'townwide garage sale' Basically the town (Burton Latimer in this case) made a map showing which houses were having sales then we walked around town looking at what they were selling. Got a few bargains but nothing amazing. Well except hubby, lol. He managed to get a big box of warhammer with a limited edition model for £5. Of course I've got no idea about this stuff but he seemed pleased. lol.
Supposed to be a nice day tomorrow so hoping to get a picnic together and go to our usual car boot and park afterwards.

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