Wednesday, 25 August 2010


Wow, this is gonna be a long post as I've started it for the past 3 nights then never got around to posting. lol. But first things first!
Well yesterday I started scrapping again. I've done a few los lately but to be honest my heart wasn't in it. Then I dug out some American crafts 'everyday' papers I bought an age ago but never touched. These seemed to have woke up my mojo a bit and I'm enjoying it again. :) So that's pretty much hats on my desk at the moment. lol.

Also today I took Lillie down to my grans for a visit. Nobody is talking to my sister at the moment after a disagreement so she hadn't seen Lilly in over a month. She was thrilled to see her and was amazing to see how big she's getting. Shes smiling often now and makes noises to respond when you talk to her. :)

At the car boot on Sunday I bought this wildcats outfit for Caitlin. She loves it and runs around with her pom poms. Does make her look far too grown up I think though.

Ah this box, this flaming box! Some of you may remember I bought plain wooden toy boxes for my nieces for Christmas, then painted and decorated them. Well as Caitlins dress up clothes are getting too many to fit in her drawers I got one for her. Bloody nightmare! Had the wrong screws and holes weren't drilled in some place, so had to piece it together as best I could. Kids had a great time 'helping' though.

Layouts! This was the first I did with the AC paper. Love how bright and fun it is. :) I think it goes great with the picture.

These I dont love so much. I did these when my heart wasn't in it really but hey, I did them and its a bit more stash used up! lol

This is the result of Cameron getting a hold of my camera. lol

This is the box built. Dont think its too bad considering, lol. Plan to paint it and decorate it a bit but not as much as the girls ones were.

Hope to be on a bit more regularly, lol. Had a lot going on recently (including someone getting a hold of my bank details. grrrrr) so not been about much but miss blogging; and need all the good cheer I can get at the moment! lol


  1. Caitlin looks adorable in her Wild Cats outfit Gemma :) Beautiful LO's you done too! I really love the one of Cameron getting holding of your camera - priceless xx

  2. Fab piccies of Caitlin, I can just imagine her dancing around with pom poms - does she do the chants too? And great photos from Cameron - most people would have deleted them so great to see you using them on a layout.

    Fab layouts and well done for persevering with the box - I would have had a temper tantrum LOL!!

    Oh and welcome back to Blogland - I've missed your daily updates.


Thanks for your comments. :)