Friday, 27 August 2010

Its not still friday is it? Must be sunday at least!!

OMG today has dragged! I think because I didn't sleep too well last night today and yesterday has kinda blurred. lol. Poor Caitlin was up all night with a tummy bug (fx tonight is better) then my sister rang me at 7am, silly girl had fell down the stairs so needed to take her to get checked out. Shes fine though, just very bruised!!
Kids have been happy enough, Camerons been building huge train tracks across my livingroom floor

Did this all by himself! Was quite proud, lol. Also to cheer her up we bought Caitlin a new jacket. Shes SUCH a girly girl when it comes to clothes, lovs them! Not like her Mummy at all. lol

This was for a challenge on UKS, not done one for a while but liked this one. Rules were:
Something old - Papers
Somthing new - flower in corner
Something with circles - The paper. :)
These los are all pictures from Camerons 2nd birthday. :)

Really like this one of Caitlin. First time she had cake. lol

This was for a challenge on twilight board. Rules were:
Photos of a celebration - Camerons birthday
Use more then one photo - Done
Do some sewing - Didnt manage this bit. Sorry Ali!

Hoping to relax a bit tonight. Have a dvd 'The Jones' to watch so hoping kids sleep and let me chill out a bit!


  1. Sorry Gemma it is still Friday LOL!

    Fab layouts - I think I do one for every 6 or 7 that you do - well done.

  2. Just letting you know it's now SATURDAY lol!!! some days just feel like they go on for ever...

    Fab LO's, I still have to try and get back into doing LO's as I am a mini album girl at heart, but Zentangles have caught my eye at the mo and they are very addictive..


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