Wednesday, 6 October 2010

I feel great!

It's amazing what pounding the 'to do' list can do. :) Managed to get a lot of HW done over the past few days and get some crafting jobs done too. Today we took Caitlin dancing then shopping and bought her some new shoes too which I'm thrilled with. Saw a pair I liked for £26 but obviously way too much, but in asda found a similar pair for £8! She loves them too which is always a bonus.
On the subject of money, this new benefits thing is causing an uproar isn't it! To be honest it really annoys me that people assume because we're on benefits we're loaded. Made me laugh today as a girl I 'kinda know' asked how much we would lose when the benefits are capped at £500 a week. Um, none! God I'd LOVE to get over £500 a week, not a chance. lol. I'm still not sure about the whole thing though. I completely agree people on benefits shouldn't have more children and expect the government to pay for them. There's always a grey area, what about families who have a big family while working and able to pay for them, then lose their jobs, or the father/mother does a runner. Suppose you'll never keep everyone happy. I think it would be a good idea if those on benefits (and able) either get jobs or do voluntary work. Obviously those with babies or disabilities wouldn't be able to, but those who can't get jobs or have kids in school could do plenty. Work for charities, clean hospitals, simple civil services. Jobs get done, work ethic is improved and people still get benefits. Win, win. If people whinge, they can get jobs.
Ok I'll get off my soap box now, lol. These are some of the layouts I've done over the past few days.
This is of Cameron riding his bike for the first time. He took to it really well.

For a little while anyway. I couldn't believe it, pretty much the whole flaming playground was that spongy stuff except a small patch of concrete by the benches. Guess where Cameron fell off his bike! lol. God we heard about that scrape for weeks!

Last ones a simple one. This is probably one of the oldest photos I've not scrapped yet. Caitlin was playing in her ring with Cameron, who promptly started yelling at me when I tried to take a photo. lol

Have messy play tomorrow morning and more DIY in the afternoon. Will try not to have such a rant tomorrow.


  1. Stunning layouts ...oohhh loving all those gorgeous buttons.

  2. Great Pages, the buttons look fab!!


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