Monday, 11 October 2010

I really hate it when

People txt you a question, then when you try to ring them seconds later to answer them they don't answer the phone! Random maybe but just trying to get through to my mum. lol. Had a nice weekend. Went to my crop on Saturday and managed a few layouts. Also went down to a local shop which sold the BEST home made cupcakes and other bits and bobs. Love shops like that.
Yesterday was a weird day. i woke up with loads of motivation to get lots done. Which promptly disappeared. lol. We managed to lie some new carpet in the hall and the outhouse, which looks like a proper room now rather than the dumping ground it was before, lol. Other than that was a bit of a pottering about day. Still been doing scrapbooking. quite pleased as mojos usually gone missing by now. lol.
This was for a challenge on uks. Rules were:
use a grid 10 points - done
use first 10 points - First time I baked with the kids.
use circles - 10 points - circle in the middle

This one is SO not me but I really like it! Normally can't stand white space as just looks like I haven't bothered but think this one works for some reason. lol

Loved the frame around the edge of this paper so tried to work with it.

This is from when we went to the fair with my mum and dad. They tend to say yes where I would say no, such as giving Caitlin a Fab ice lolly which is covered in chocolate/cream/red ice lolly. As you can see she made a brilliant mess, so that's the last one she'll be having for a while!

This layout shows the first and last time I used my 'Sew easy' from QVC. Decided to treat myself and dip into my 'nec' fund when this was a TSV. It's now winging its way BACK to QVC. It was RUBBISH! Most of the heads didn't pierce the paper, and the two that did you need to press so hard it dents the paper. Wasn't pleased. But live and learn! lol.

Another planish one which I like. :) Would love this photo more if I didn't have a big pregnant lady double chin. lol

LOVE the flower on this. The papers on here and the 'My boy' were the basic grey lemonade range. Bought it ages ago but didn't touch it. Loving using up old stash!

Well I've waffled on a bit, lol. Plan for tomorrow is to drop off some bits I've sold and do a few jobs up town. Also have my second training day for homestart so looking forward to that. :) Hope everyone had a great weekend!


  1. Love you yummy art! Thanks for taking up the Bijoux Belles' challenge.
    Sue x

  2. Goodness you've been productive! I love white space layouts, but agree with you - sometimes they don't "feel" right! Lots of great stuff going on here, Gemma.


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