Monday, 25 October 2010

Wooden spoon dolls

On Sundays Mark takes the kids to a dads group at our local sure start center. They love it here as they get to run about like butters and Mark has help on hand if he finds it a bit too much. Each week they do different activities. This week they were making wooden spoon dolls. I knew Caitlin would love it as shes the creative tyoe. But I had no idea how much! lol. When they came out Cameron handed me his doll as a gift, Caitlin glared at me as though I'd just tried to take away her firstborn child. lol!
Since then shes had it with her constantly, except bedtime which I said no to as it has buttons glued onto it. Shes not the type to swallow random things but better safe than sorry! I tried to get a picture of her with it but she wouldnt look at me long enough. lol
Love how happy she looks. :)

Picture of the doll Caitlin took.

Last night I managed to do a lo with this months Sarahs cards kit. Love this kit but don't have many pictures that go with it unfortunatly.
This one is called 'Why mummy cry?' Its not actually a sad layout as journalling tells about how yesterday me and Caitlin were sitting together when she suddenly turned around and poked me right in the eye! She then looked all concered and gave me a big cuddle asking why I was crying! I swear she's got multiple personalities at times. pmsl.

I inked the journaling tag to tie it in and punched some butterflies. :)

Going cinima with Cameron, Mum and Mollie tomorrow to see 'Dispicable me!' So hopefully that will be good!

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