Tuesday, 19 October 2010

WTF have I upset someone or something?!

Seriously I must have annoyed the powers that be or something because its just been a joke latly. After a bad week already I got a letter this morning from tax credits. Who have apprently over paid me by £750 which they want bck. Joy. THEN! and this is a cracker, I phoned the DVLA to find out why I havent got a tax renwal letter yet, to be told my car isnt registered in this country!!!!
I was very calm and collected, pointing out it was registered in my name, at my adress and had a uk tax disc, how the **** is it not in this country. No, apprently someone sent a letter saying it had been exported, I'd been driving it illegally and couldnt legally drive it for another month or so untill this is investigated! Lost it at that point, crying, begging the guy, hearing none of it. Couldnt even tell me if it was my signiture on the form!? Which obviously it flamming well wasn't going to be. Ended up hanging up as wasnt getting anywhere. Hubby then rang back, spoke to a woman who said no problem, heres this email, tell them its in the uk, job done, you can drive! God bless that woman!!
Ok rant over, seriously couldnt belive it though, ;yes it has a uk tax disc and is registered to a uk address but its not in the uk!' begs belief.
To top the day off Cameron decided to go through our wardrobe where we were storing his xmas gifts, and now has an ear infection so is very poorly. :( Dont think the two are connected. lol.
Managed to find the time to finish a few layouts I started at my crop. This is Caitlin putting her doll to bed, doll is under the pile of toys in the cot. Title makes sense now doesnt it. lol

few more random ones. too tired after today to explain. lol.

Hopefully, (poorly cameron depending) going for a coffee with mum tomorrow. Nice to get out without the kids every now and again. :)


  1. Oh love... Much love and many hugs coming your way!!! bloomin' tax credits pulled that one on us a few years back too and we had to pay about the same amount back so never bothered to reclaim it!! then OH saw a FA and he said we are entitled to it so you should be too!!! Well done your OH for sorting out the car thing too!! It beggars belief!!! will keep fingers crossed for Camerons ear infection to be an overnight thing and yes, you do need to get out of the house on your own sometimes xxxxx

  2. oops btw! gorgeous lo's too :-D
    love the one about Caitlin lol lol xxx

  3. great los. glad the car was sorted in the end

  4. The fella at the DVLA sounds like a total jobs-worth love, glad you got that sorted in the end xx
    The LO's are great and the Cherished one is my fav - just gorgeous xx

  5. oh my gosh, you poor thing .. sending big (((hugs))) your way. Glad the car got sorted in the end. Chin up hun, things will get better, of that I'm sure xx


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