Saturday, 23 October 2010

Weeks over!

Well the week is OVER! Its been a long week but not all bad really. :) Put a load of stuff on ebay which seems to be going well so hopefully make some pennies there. Going to asda with my mum in the morning to do the weekly shop and hopefully get Cameron an outfit for Halloween. Gonna be a difficult one I think as hes not one for dressing up.
Have a nice week planned next week, going to the cinima Tuesday with cameron mum and Mollie to see Despicable me. Cameron saw the ad an cracked up so think he'll like it. Going to see my gran thursday and hopefully coffee with friends at some point!
have Robin Hood on dvd tonight so short blog. Heres some funny pictures from today.
How cute is this! Caitlin sitting in her baby annabel cot and playing a harmonica. She loves the bloody thing for some reason. Our house always sounds like some old fashioned jail program. lol. Will give her a little tin cup to rattle on the bars of the cot next time.

As part of the clearout Marks sorting some of his starwars stuff. Which includes this darthvader money box. If you press the button he starts breathing and the music starts, then he suddenly raises the light saber which lights up. As you can see this took caitlin by surprise a little!

Hopefully back tomorrow with a halloween outfit!

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  1. Now there's a scrapping page, just need the tin cup to complete the picci!


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