Thursday, 21 October 2010

You just got to laugh.

Well as you proably read, Tuesday wasn't the best day for me. lol. Yesterday wasn't the best either but at least it had a funny ending!
Yesterday while searching, (and finding I might add!) the registration form proving my car was uk, I found that my MOT had expired in September! Cue more crying, angry cursing at myself and frantic phonecalls to local MOT centers. Managed to get an appointment for today at 1.
So this morning got the bus to nursery with Cam, which he was thrilled about, lol, then came home and did housework. I was putting clothes in the wardrobe and knokced over the folder I keep all our papers in. Well it must have been a divine hand that made me do it as I foud another MOT form which expired April 2011! pmsl. I couldnt belive it. I thought the car had had a full MOT when I bought it but obviously when I found the other one thought I was wrong.
You have to laugh dont you.
Well today I had the fun of playing on this

Hubby bought it after a LOT of saving last week. However I'm not too fond of touch screens and I tend to break things so I've kept my distance. lol. But today I had a go on it and I was really surprised how easy it was. I've not really looked too much into apps or anything yet but Marks thrilled with it so I'm pleased. :) He has trouble reading as his eyesight isn't too good so he's been missing his books and graphic novels (not allowed to call them comics. lol) so now he can magnify them and see them properly. :) He's also been doing brain training and note taking on it so hopeing will help with his memory too.
Now if there was only an app to help with his joints life would be good! lol

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  1. hi sweets, hope you are feeling a little better, nightmare ish week huh? but ooh a pretty ipad to play with will make you feel better xx


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