Saturday, 16 October 2010

OK I have zero willpower.

And not just with chocolate, though that's true too. lol. At the moment we're skint, it's my own fault, said about 5 times now, NO more for the kids for Christmas, never bloody stuck to it though. lol. Last night I was browsing on ebay for nothing in particular and found these two items.

Both are 'take along' track from the Thomas range, which you all know Cameron has no shortage of! lol. We promised ourselves he was getting no more but the woman just lived down the road from us and was willing to sell them both for £27. Would have been rude to say no!
Also bought Mark Jamie Olivers new book for Christmas, then gave in and gave it to him the next day. lol. Done well though, not gave the kids any of their gifts yet. :)

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  1. Jamie's new book is fab...can't blame you for giving it to him early...tried loads of recipes so far...x


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