Sunday, 3 October 2010

Whats going on!

Over a week since my last post! Worst part is I haven't even done anything that interesting! lol.
When i was sorting out the wardrobe to make room to hide christmas gifts, I found an old bag of cross stitching. I used to do it before I had Cameron and never got back to it. There was a half finished Eeyore one I started when I fell pregnant with the intention of putting it in the nursery. Well that didn't work out did it! So been working on that in the evenings and catching up on my V+.
Managed to do a bit of scrapbooking. Nearly finished with the AC kit now. lol. I found some old cyber crop classes on uks and liked this frame one so gave it a go. this is a photo of Cameron his second christmas. We took him to see Santa at Gullivers. After you see him you go into the 'grotto' where theres loads of toys hanging on the wall to choose as your gift. There were cras, trains, planes. Cameron picked these pom poms. lol. LOVED them!

Simple one of Cameron playing with a football.

Another simple one of the kids icing cakes. Love the big letters on this. Got them at the NEC last year. Should put them on my list for this year too. :)

Did this from a sketch on UKS. The sketch called fro prima like swirls but I don't have any (MUCH too pricy for me!) So I drew soem swirls with a template and used stickles. :) Think it could have done with a bit more swirls for intrest but overal pleased with it. :)

Love this photo. Mark took it when my mum came over. She does NOT like animals and wasn't impressed to turn around to find Bella licking her hair.

Been doing loads of housework latly. Washing and ironing is a never ending job in this house. But somehow managed to get the ironing basket amost empty! Hubby taking kids to surestart center tomorrow. Really looking forward to it as he doesnt take them out often as can't have them alone (illness, nothing sinister) but because theres lots of staff there who know us well they help out and it gives him some nice one on one time and give me some me time. :)


  1. Looks like you have been very productive again Gemma - some fab layouts and a great idea to use stickles to do your swirls. I save those swirls for very special layouts - I am always thrilled when we get the swirls in our monthly kits.

  2. Fab layouts Gemma, I don't have any swirls either...cost way too much! Hope you had a good day today with some time to yourself! :)

  3. Great have been busy!!! Now and again I treat myself to a pack of swirls and then use sparingly over several pages!


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