Saturday, 8 January 2011


Ok so a scream is needed! Since about October somebody at any given time has been sick. :( Luckily we've avoided the dreaded flu but Camerons got a bad tummy bug at the moment. Been ill since Thursday and is literally screaming in pain at times. :( Dr couldnt see him till monday but if hes no better tomorrow might take him hospital. :(
Well sad stuff aside, when I'm stressed I either clean, cook or scrap. :) This time I've picked scrap. lol. So got a huge pile of layouts to photograph and blog. Gives me something to talk about I guess!

This is an old picture (as most of mine are now. lol) of Cameron on the train at wicksteed park. Always at his happiest where trains are concerned!

These are pictures of Mark on our honeymoon. :) We went to greece for a week 4 months after we got married as mark was too sick to go before then. We stayed in a little village called Tolo which we LOVED. We'd been there before (where mark proposed) and its so quiet and peaceful. Really want to take the kids there one day but too worried at the moment incase they get sick or anything.

Well as I said before my gran was really poorly over Christmas. :( Shes recovering well now thank goodness but hadnt seen the kids since the end of november, so was pretty much climbing the walls. lol. By tuesday she said she was feeling up to it so took the kids down to get their christmas gifts. They were SO excited to see granny they actually walked right past the gifts and ignored them! After lots od hugs they started ripping the paper off however. lol

Gran as usual went overboard, Caitlin got lots of peppa pig things and a really creepy Dora head. Its for the bath and her hair changes colour in warm water. They love it but it freaks the hell out of me when Im just walking past and catch a glimpse of a head in my bath. lol.
Cameron got the usuall thomas and a REALLY annoying fire engine that converts into a mini city. I refuse to put it up, its too fiddly, thats daddys job. ;)

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  1. Ah I bet they were so pleased to see their granny and more presents as well - what fun!!

    Hope you are all fighting fit again very soon - there is so much illness around at the moment.


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