Wednesday, 19 January 2011

I know what I want.......

But why does NOWHERE sell it?? We have a teeny garden which currently has a huge swing/slide set, mini trampoline and a wendy house. The slide set is jus too big, it has a slide, two swings and a boat swing. The boat swing is never used so we want to get rid of that and the little trampolie and get a big tampoline and a smaller set for the kids birthdays. So all I want is a wooden set with a slide and two swings. It just oesnt seem to exsist! lol. They either have lots of swings, huge slides or sand boxes/climbing frames/spaceports which bump the price up to about £8.00000000. Saying all that, mark rightly pointed out their birthdays arnt untill april/may, and we arnt getting any garden toys untill after august when we get the garden redone so i may be getting a little ahead of myself. lol. God love him, I do tend to do that alot, freak out months in advance and hes got to bring me down to earth a bit. He tends to need to do that when I see pretty stash too. lol.
Well with the weather being rubbish the kids have been enjoying baking and playing with their christmas stuff. As you can see Camerons lego is going well.

So more layouts :) this is last Christmas where we gave cam his train table. I've been keeping this chipboard for ages to use on a train related layout and think it works well here :) As I'm on my iPhone at the min I can't scroll down to go to the next photo. Not sure if it can't be done or I just don't know how but there u go lol. Anyway it's Cameron playing on a bouncy hours, a bit like a space hopper thing but easier to use. I looked everywhere to buy one but no luck.
Well it's now 1am and I'm up in a few hours so better go sleep!

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  1. Lovely layouts Gemma - I am sure you will find just what you are looking for once all the summer ranges start coming out.

    Karen x


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