Saturday, 15 January 2011

Holiday booked :)

Yeah another one, lol. We're off to disney in a few weeks which if I'm honest dreading it at the moment but will enjoy it when there. I hate travelling with kids, they might get lost, trains get delayed or cancelled etc which is fine alone ill get a coffee and a magazine and I'm fine, however with 3 kids under 5 not so fun. Once we're there though sure will be brill. :)
Anyway having our holiday in Febuary doesnt leave much to look forward to later in the year, so we started collecting tokens from The Sun for their £9.50 holidays planning to go in september. Was when we needed one more that hubby pointed out Cameron starts school in September so cant go then, woops! So we're now going gt yarmouth in may. Well its a little later in the year. lol.
We are now SO skint. we did have a bit of money at the start of the year but the cars broke down a couple times which wiped our savings. Also I tend to go a little mental in the sales. Particually the Next sale. Here is Mark showing my recipt.

£750 worth of stuff. lol. Though I never keep it all, anyone whos been to a sale when the store first opens knows how hectic it is, so my method is to grab anything in the right size, put it on my mums store card and return what I dont want/cant afford. Thats usually most of it. lol. But like most of the UK the next few months will be spent paying off cards and building a bit of savings back up.
One of the best gifts we got at christmas was the Kinnect for the 360. It was really for Mark but we got kinnectimals for the kids too and they love it! Theres one mini game where you need to drive the cat in a little car around to pop bubbles. Cameron does his best bless him concentrates really hard and tries. Caitlin on the other hand just waves her arms widly and jumps about like a nutter.

Caitlin somehow manages to get all the bubbles EVERY time! We've no idea how, lol.
Well thought Id end on a cute pic of the kids dressed up. :) both smiling and both looking at the camera, doesnt happpen often!

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