Monday, 17 January 2011

Ironing is dull!

Normally I have a film or something to watch when ironing to take some of the dullness away, no such luck today! But got a huge pile done so done for another week. :)
This is a photo of me and Mark at christmas my mum took and showed me last night. This is actually the first photo of the two of us since our wedding 4 years ago. Can you tell I dont like getting my photo taken! Made me laugh when I saw it though as Marks got a can in his hand which I hate as it looks so chavy. He's allowed to drink after his transplant as his liver damage was caused by lupus not drinking but still he very rarely does. Trust my mum to take a photograph of one of the few times!!! Maybe I can photoshop it into a cup of coffee or something. lol

More layouts. These are photos of butlins again, the kids were hiding in this tube thing and kept jumping out at Mark who kept pretending to be surprised. lol. Oh well whatever keeps them happy!

Photos of Cameron on the slide at wicksteed.

These are photos of Cameron opening gifts on his birthday. I love the background paper on this and have kept it for ages but forced myself to use it. Quite pleased with it. :)

This layout I did way too late at night. lol. Behing the photos is about 3 sheets of PP all cut inked and layers. Oh yeah that looks pretty I think, put the photos on, Cant see any of it!!!! Oh well, I call it 'hidden embellishing' Dont think its going to catch on somehow.

Nursery for the kids tomorrow so no idea what im doing. MIght rent a dvd with our vouchers and relax with brekky in bed. Ohhh sounds like a plan :)


  1. Awww...what a lovely photo of you and Mark Gemma. Those layouts are cute. They looked like they had lots of fun. Here's hoping that Mark is making a speedy recovery. TFS. ~Glen~


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