Friday, 28 January 2011

New camera :)

Ok so its been a productive week. :) Ive been busy getting everything ready for disney and my weekend away! Me and some lovley mad girls from uks have rented a barn for the weekend and we plan to scrap and chat. :) However I didnt realise at the time when I agreed to go that we return on the sunday and I go to disneyland on the monday morning! So been busy getting it all done so all I really need to do is come home, dump my stuff and I'm ready to go the next day.
Well as part of getting sorted for dieny I got a new camera! I didnt really pay for it (wayyyy to skint for that) as when Mark bought me my old camera on my brithday last year he bought insurance on it that covered accidental damage. Good job he did as 3 days later it was in a wet bag with a bottle of water which burst, so the insraunce paid for itself within the first week really! lol. Since then Ive changed it twice as the kids keep getting a hold of it. The last one just seemed to die on me though, worked at times but sometimes would beep and not turn on. Not good if you're trying to get a picture of 3 kids who wont stand still too long. So we took it in to exchange it. I was a bit gutted as they dont stock my old one anymore, but I got the new version. I dont do change well so still getting used to it (and not liking it too much at the moment) so hopefully will be ok by next week. lol.

Well i have also done some scrapping but since all I seem to post is layout after layout think ill take a bit of a break from blogging them for a while. lol. Going to curl up in bed with a book tonight I think. :) Currently have 'Harvesting the heart' By jodi picholt from the libery. I love her other books so hopefully going to be a good one. :)

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  1. Make sure you bring it next weekend LOL!!! And please don't stop blogging about your layouts.

    Karen x


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