Sunday, 16 January 2011

No sleep = lots of layouts.

Well since Im not sleeping much latly and theres not much to do at night, Ive managed to get lots of layouts done. lol. Which is no bad thing really as the stash is really starting to stack up again! Im also actually running out of photos! scary!
This is a photo of Caitlin at camerons second birthday. I didnt put a title on it as I didnt think it needed one really. I love how it looks like shes looking at the butterfly down in the corner :)
The big chipboard flower I bought in Northampton a while ago, theres a big shop there where everything is 99p and they had 12x12 sheets of huge chipboard embellishments. Snapped those right up! lol.

Another old photo of Mark teaching Cameron how to drive the racing games at Butlins. I love wathing them play on these because Mark tells Cameron how to do it in great detail really elaboratly, knowing fine well Camerons not listening to a word hes saying and is just slamming the wheel back and fort as hard as possible. lol

The jigsaw, THE jigsaw. lol. This is the first jigsaw Cameron ever got, which he loved so much he got another and another and now his wardrobe is half jigsaws half clothes.

This was scraplifted from an old magazine. I love it though and think its so cute! Caitlin used to get so tired from runnign around at Butlins that when we stopped for dinner she'd always fall asleep. bless her.

Well ironing tomorrow. Joy, put it off as kids wardrobes are still full but got to do some adult clothes. lol. Wish I was rich enough to just keep buying new clothes. Or pay someone else to do it for me. :)


  1. Lovely layouts. :)

  2. great work there. hope you get some sleep soon.

  3. Fab layouts Gemma - shame they were done when you should have been sleeping. Nice to see a piccie of you and Mark together.

    Karen x


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