Thursday, 20 January 2011

Blogging from the hospital

Don't worry it's nothing serious. Marks having a bone density scan to see if he has osteoporosis and as Caitlin quite happily making her toy lamb dance I'm bored!
Yesterday was a fun day though, we took the kids to cheeky monkees (that's how they spell it I've not got it wrong :p) they were so excited as the haven't been since before the summer holidays last year. It's usually manic but was really quiet for some reason so I was able to sit and relax. They make the BEST hot chocolate there so there's nothing better than curling up on one of their couches, hot choc in hand and watching kids go mad!
This afternoon I'm taking kids dancing, which Caitlins very excited about as Camerons comming too :) then I've really got to sort put my desk! It's currently covered in all manner of crafting stash. I did have it organised before Christmas but then between gifts and sale shopping it's reached overflow level again! Lol. Sounds good as means lots of new stash but also means I've been scrapping on the rug lalty which is not good for my back! Lol.
Well Apprently lamby is bored of dancing now so got to entertain Caitlin, will post pics of my messy desk layer if I can :)

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  1. Hi ya! isnt blogging just amazing! We can all keep each other company no matter where we are x Leigh x


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