Sunday, 30 January 2011

Tiring weekend :)

Well on my part anyway, Caitlins still wondering the halls so obviously not for her! Saturday was spent doing housework and pottering about, but as Mum had Caitlin that night me, Cameron and Mark settled down with dvds and munchies! Chocolate and crisps for them, weight watchers biscuits for me. :) Was really nice as Cameron was in fits of laughter at some points and its nice to spend time with just him. :)
Today it was dads group in the morning, then to a home start activity day. As Cameron didnt want to go dads group let alone anywhere else, I left him home for some boys time. Also known as covering the living room with Thomas track. :)
The home start activity day was great! I helped out while there as Im a volunteer for them but mainly played with Caitlin and my two nieces I took along too. We painted plates, made pictures, decorated cakes and Caitlin planted a flower for me. :)
In the middle of all this I finished my book. Wasnt that impressed to be honest. Havesting the heart didnt really 'end' while I like stories that have everything neatly wrapped up by the last page. Theres enough uncertainty in real life!!

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  1. Loads of fab lo's Gemma:-D hope you get things sorted soon



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