Wednesday, 2 March 2011

woyww. also, can I be bothered?

In a word, no. Don't know whats up with me latly, I just cannot be bothered to do anything! I'd be quite happy to sit on the couch, eat my weight in chocolate and read books. Which really is all I did when pregnant with Cameron and a big reason I'm on weight watchers now. lol. I'm going away to a retreat on friday and while I'm very excited I've got NOTHING done for it. I picked out the photos I wanted, changed my mind, printed a few then gave up. lol. Not got any clothes or stash packed, though I have bought some wine so thats one big thing done. :)
Anyway whats on my workdesk this week? To be honest pretty much the same thing as last week! lol. Shows how little I've done. I'm hoping the retreat this weekend will give me back some mojo. :)

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  1. Oh dear you had better get cracking, don't you leave tomorrow! lol I could quit happily sit on the couch eating chocolate and reading books at the moment too though ;)


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