Sunday, 4 September 2011


Well, Thursday went no better than Wednesday, in fact it was worse. I'd gone to a meeting with the council to try and get Kieron (oldest girls dad) a house so he could try and have them full time. Well Wednesday they were having none of it. Apparently a 2 bedroomed flat is fine for a couple, a baby and 2 girls. Unfortunately his partner disagreed and kicked him out Wednesday night. Thursday we returned to the council to be told by social services to just take the girls back. Kieron cried, I cried, Mollie cried. :( Oh it was horrible. :( So the girls went back that night. Not much else has happened since then. Im avoiding Nicola if I can as I'm just so angry but there you go. :(
Anyway, to cheer myself up I decided to wrap up the gifts I've got the kids for Christmas. I'm hiding them in my mums loft as no room here so will take them round all wrapped tomorrow. :) These are the ones I got for Caitlin.

This is her Hello Kitty Oven. I almost didnt buy this but so glad I did :)

This is Camerons pile.

Now looking at it I now realise Caitlins is smaller than camerons, so will need to buy her a few cheap bits to bulk hers up as we've spent roughly the same on each of them and don't want to go too over that. Oh the difficulties is getting things even!!! I don't envy those who have 3 or more! lol


  1. Oh blimey ((big, huge, massive hugs)) Gemma xx By the way I want the Hello Kitty cooker can I come and play! xx

  2. Sounds like you've been having a horrible time so lots of {{{{hugs}}}} for you. Well done on being ready for Christmas


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