Saturday, 24 September 2011

More layouts

Cant believe I haven't blogged since Wednesday! Had a nice few days though. Thursday, well Thursday day was a bit rubbish. Picked up a very tearful Caitlin from nursery. After talking to her for a little while turns out a girl in her class wanted to sit on the seat Caitlin was on, so pushed Caitlin onto the floor and sat on her!! She says the girl was told off which i believe as it is a good nursery, but shes mentioned this girl a few times, saying shes been mean to her so having a word Tuesday i think. But anyway we picked Cameron up from school and took them both to Cheeky monkeys play center. Where I got to relax with some hot chocolate and they got to run around like loonies. :) So the day ended on a high note. lol
Friday saw mark leaving to go to London for the weekend with his mate. While I'm not thrilled about him going away his friend is aware of his problems and I can't wrap him in cotton wool so got to grin and bear it. He's been txting me lots though so that helps. I can imagine being this bad when the kids go away without me when they're older! lol
Still haven't shared the other layotus I did so here they are. These are all done with bits from my scrap box and odd bits of paper that won't go into a kit. Love using that stuff up, always feel proud. lol
This is one of Caitlin and Mollie on Caitlins birthday last year.

Love the colours on this one, seem to go together well. The photo was from when me and Caitlin stopped for lunch before starting the monthly shop at asda. Was just us two so the title 'Ladies that lunch' seemed fitting. :)

Still loving these flowers. Great way to use up teenie buttons.

This one looks a lot better in real life than it does on here. lol. I used up lots of odd thickers bits around the edge. Love using up bits and bobs i'd otherwise have thrown away. :)

Other than adding titles to these I haven't done much scrapping recently, I think when the weather gets cold I lose mojo and read instead. lol. Might try doing some tonight as running out of books!


Thanks for your comments. :)