Wednesday, 21 September 2011


Last night I sat down and forced myself to get some of the crafting 'to dos' done. So I made and filled a couple of boxes for swaps (had a mini spree in The Range yesterday lol) I titled some layouts I did ages ago plus managed to do a couple new ones. So quite pleased. :)
This is one of the ones I did last night. In order to use up my kits I've been using as much of it as I can, until its just scraps, before I more onto another one. This usually works but I've got SO many of these American crafts papers its certainly taking a while! lol. This is a photo of Mark and Cameron in Butlins a while back. Cameron had just got into the phase of 'I don't WANT my photo taken'. Still waiting for him to grow out of it, lol.

Using up bling still. lol. Thought it would make the cupcake stand out, plus give the look of black coffee rather than just an empty mug.

This is one of the layouts I did ages ago. Honestly don't remember when its been that long. Just sat there waiting for a title. Done now, lol. This is Caitlin and Lillie last October at my mums Halloween party. Caitlin didn't want to be anything scary so just dressed up as a fairy princess.

Another really old layout. lol. This is happy Caitlin tucking into Christmas dinner last year. lol

Another one from last night using more American crafts papers. I was really struggling with the house paper until I decided to use it with photos of us on the eurostar. Cameron and Caitlin loved watching all the houses speed past, and my mum enjoyed being nosey and looking in every ones gardens. lol. Was really busy paper and a long title so didn't put much else on this layout.

I did do more, and hope to finish more this afternoon but will share that tomorrow. Hopefully going cinema tonight too to see 'I dont know how she does it' so good day planned. :)


  1. Love the clever use of the bling!! Great layouts, it must be a nice feeling to finally get them finished. I have ones on magnetic boards where I craft that are also waiting for titles!! Becky x

  2. Wow super productive again - I always admire how you get done Gemma. Really lovely layouts.

    Karen x

  3. Wow what a creative evening - love the cup of coffee chipboard, and all the different stickers you've used in the title - they are great.

  4. you have been buisy, lovely layouts :)

  5. wow, you have been busy, love your polka dots and the woodgrain teacup. Also love your watching the world go by title.

  6. Fab layouts, you've been been busy.


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