Sunday, 25 September 2011

Fun weekend. :)

It really was. :) Saturday I went to the Next sale, think it was the first time since I was pregnant I've not bought anything for the kids. lol. Ended up getting a couple of shirts for Mark, and a jumper for me. Nothing big but to be honest was so little there. Sure I wont be saying that at the new year one! After that I popped next door to the range. Well would be rude not to. :) Was thrilled to find this paper pack there!

I'd seen it on QVC last week, but wasn't about to pay they're daft postage for it. Its really similar to an old Christmas range I love, 'colourful Christmas' by My minds eye. So snapped it up. :) Had a nice relaxing day with the kids, doing not much of anything until Mark came home from London that night. He brought dvds for the kids and this for me. :)

I LOVE Glee and was gutted didn't get to see them in concert but this is the next best thing. Had 'Dog days are over' blaring in the car today. lol.
Onto today we took the kids to east carlton park. We all love it there particularly at this time of year with all the trees and conkers etc. They've also made this treasure trail where you follow signs and find all these wood carvings which were really cool.

Cameron was less pleased though when he scraped his finger on the door. Hes usually not too much of a drama queen but honestly the blood! It just wouldn't stop bleeding even though it was a tiny scratch, luckily the lady at the cafe gave us a plaster and an ice lolly soon calmed cam down.

The owl, Caitlin loved and wanted to take home. lol

This was just beautiful. All carved out of a tree with great detail. There was a winding wooden staircase to climb up to get to the seat. Another thing Caitlin wanted to take home. lol

Well tomorrow Caitlins supposed to be going on a trip with mark. I say supposed to as she had a meltdown last week and doesn't seem any happier this week so god knows if she'll go. Cant wait for this clingy phase to end! I've got a big to do list for tomorrow so if she stays home she'll need to either help or play by herself, which she's not great at, lol. Fingers crossed for me!


  1. Lots of goodies - I saw the adverts for the next sale but chickened out :) The park looks gorgeous with all the carvings - hope Caitlin has a good day :)

  2. What a great day out-love that chair!!


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