Monday, 12 September 2011


Saturday was my monthly crop[. Great fun as usual. :) Was interesting this time to see all the different crafts that are actually done there, Deanne who runs the crop took some pictures.
So we had Paper mache wall art (will be a lotus flower when done) Knitting, scrapbooking (mine)

embroidery, embellishments, knitting, cardmaking

sewing, scrapbooking decopatching. So lots of things going on! While I really only scrapbook it was really interesting to watch other things I normally wouldnt see. Decopatching for example I'd never have looked at twice but watching Deanne cover the chair and some of her sewing box I think it looks a great idea!

Also took some daft photos for you all to laugh at. lol

Right off to collect hubby and Caitlin. Camerons first full day at nursery today, he went in all by himself so bravely. :) Caitlin and Mark are off to nature club so had some time to do some housework. With all the winds I'm getting washing dry super quick!


  1. it was a fun day - what a bunch of gnomes we were ;) x

  2. Looks like you had a fab time.

  3. crop heaven, what a lot of talented people.


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