Saturday, 17 September 2011

I'm boring

Seriously I am, want to know what I've done over the past few days. So would I to be honest! lol. I know I've done cleaning, but the house is no tidier, I've done no scrapping, very little reading and I've not gone anywhere, so where have the days gone?! I honestly have no idea. lol. But today is Saturday, Cameron is with my mum, Caitlins watching the Mickey mouse movie marathon on tv, and Marks reading the paper. I've got a few things to do on my housework to do list but if I'm honest it's my crafty to do list which needs desperate attention! On it today are:
1 - Finish Christmas gravy pot swap for posting on Monday.
2 - Make boxes for Halloween and Christmas swap and fill (I went shopping the other day so have all the bits, just need to make boxes and decorate the tub now lol)
3 - Make mum lots of bookmarks for her recipe books
4 - Title some of the layouts I've done and are just sitting there from weeks ago.
5 - (just added) Use some of my new Sarahs cards kit. :)

So glad to be a subscriber again. :) I had to cancel it a few months back because I had no money, but my mum kindly took one up for me. :) Now things are a little more stable I've back to getting it myself. :) Off out tonight so doubt I'll be using it today but look forward to using it tomorrow.

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  1. Lol, I never know where my days have gone! That was a long list, I hope you managed to get it all done! :)


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