Wednesday, 14 September 2011


Well my desk is still a mess from coming home from the crop. haven't really unpacked my stuff yet, lol. Not sure what I have done to be honest as I know I've been busy lol. I think with Cameron starting school, Caitlin going nursery more days, and starting nature club, I spend more time in the car than anywhere else! Today is a bit quieter though, Caitlins home all day and Marks taking Cameron to school so I only have my homestart work to do out and about. Hopefully I'll make a fair old dent in the ironing pile! Anyway, since I've done nothing interesting since the weekend I thought i'd share some layouts I did at my crop. All are scraplifted from the sarahs cards dt booklet which came with the kit. I do honestly do my own layouts, lol, I just always scraplift from kits and that's all I've been using lately
Photo from disneyland. We'd gone out at night to see one of the light parades so got the kids a little treat while I had hot chocolate. Was really yummy, lol.

There were lots of little chipboard apples in this kit, I tried to use the ones which went with the theme of the layout. This one had a big bite form it so thought it went with the eating theme. They're so sweet!

Apple of my eye. Now while I love this title I feel really guilty as obviously I have two apples of my eye, lol. Might change the title or add (one of them) under it at some point. Note the apple with the love heart :)

Love these flowers. Think this die will be my most used.

I love these photos, Caitlin was playing with her little hermonica and decided to get into her baby cot. With the bars she just reminded me of a little prisinor sitting in a jail cell. The apple here does have a little bird on it but its hard to see.

Using up more bling still. :)

Photo of Caitlin at the park. I love the colours in this one and the little word tree. I think this is a great way to use up all the little word stickers I wouldn't usually bother with.

Couldn't find an apple to go with this layout, lol. But did find a sticker which goes with the title, which was good as I used my last S on 'slide' lol.

Right, better go start the ironing!


  1. Wow you were busy at the crop! Great layouts and beautiful photos x

  2. Lovely layouts, really pretty, you had a very productive day.

  3. Love those layouts - that kit was a big fave of mine and I used every last morsel of it. I think I still have some teeny scraps to use on cards though.

    Karen x


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