Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Nature trip

Well yesterday didn't go quite as planned, lol. Caitlin woke up at 4am and came into our room asking to sleep in our bed. She does this a lot, and I'll either be so tired I let her, or I put her back to bed where she complains for a bit then goes back to sleep. Neither happened yesterday. lol. i put her back to bed, thought she went back to sleep, then woke at 7am to find her surrounded by her toys. She'd actually been up the whole time playing! So we took Cameron to school, he was quite happy as usual. :) Then tried to drop Caitlin off for her nature trip with Daddy. Here is where it started to go pear shaped. Caitlin's attached to my hip at the best of times but by now she was getting sleepy so was 10 times as grumpy. So much crying, clinging and just hysterical sobbing later I just went along. So much for getting the housework done then relaxing!
It turned out to be ok though, we went to Rutland water, and Caitlin had a little pair of binoculars which she absolutely loved.

She was also given tomato soup for lunch. Now i HATE tomato soup, even the smell makes me queasy, but she loved it! Must take after her father there, lol.
Home and shopping, as I hadn't planned to go on the trip I hadn't had breakfast, and obviously didn't have the soup for lunch so by now I was starving! I'd always been told never to go shopping hungry but needed must and all that. Well I won't be doing it again! I spent £90 and I have NO idea what on!!! lol. I got some meat, so that was £10 and spent about £30 on cleaning and airwick stuff, but still!
Remember I said Caitlin hadn't slept. lol, this was her as soon as we got home.

Well Caitlin's at nursery today, and Mark wants to drive into the next town to get the new Gears of war 3 game. House is reasonably tidy so hoping to make a dent in my crafting to do list this afternoon. As I've currently done none of it. lol

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