Thursday, 8 September 2011

First day at school!!!!

Well I've been dreading this day for a LONG time, thought I was prepared, thought I was ready. um, nope. lol. Look how smart my baby looks!

So today was his first day at school. He was fine, bravest of all of us. :) Went in quite happily, sat down on the mat, came out all excited and ready to go again tomorrow. Very proud mummy. :)

My mum thinks I look sad in this photo, like I don't want to let him go. Which is true but I thought I'd hid it well. lol. Mum was worse than me! We left to take him a little early and went round my mums and dads so they could see him. Both were crying before he even got to the door! At least I held out till I dropped him off. lol. Will be more crying later as found out this morning Caitlins going to nursery 3 mornings a week instead of two. The crying will be from her this time not me though, she hated going one! lol
Anyway on a less tearful note, on my desk at the moment is a pile of forms and bits and bobs I need to do, but this is more interesting. :)
Few weeks back I sold one of my dies I didn't use, along with a few other bits. So I used the money to buy the gadget gears die, and some pretty bling that was on sale. :) Also some thickers which I desperatly need as all mine either have no s' or e's lol.

Well off to pick Caitlin up from nursery and break the news shes going back tomorrow. Wish me luck! lol


  1. He looks gorgeous in his is hard letting them go, but great that they are happy at school :) Lots of lovely new stash to play with on your desk too :)

  2. Aww, he looks so smart in his uniform, glad he enjoyed his 1st day, I always think it's harder on us Mums! I still blub on the 1st day of each new school year & my dd has just gome into Year 4!!! x

  3. Aww bless him, Glad he's enjoying school. Great new stash too.

  4. He looks so cute and so grown up all at the same time, glad he's enjoying school x

  5. Gorgeous photograph of you and your son - he looks so smart.

    Karen x


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