Friday, 9 September 2011

Things I swore I'd never do as a parent. Untill I became one.

I was thinking about this last night while I was trying to get to sleep, there are so many things I swore I'd never do then usually end up doing, for example:
1 - I won't say 'Because I said so.' I do try not to do this, but after the 15th 'Why?' its an easy way out. lol
2 - They will not play computer games until they are 11 - Yeah, I did try on this one. I got them both Mobigos which while are computers they're educational. Problem is Camerons a brainy little boy and even the hard ones he finds too simple. So I let him play on the more educational games on our ds. Then Daddy got involved and let him play racing games. Slippery slope from there! I do limit it to 30 minutes a day however and they need to earn that, so I'm not too bad of a mother. lol
3 - I will not spoil my kids - Yeah, I think every parents is guilty of that one. :)
4 - I will treat both my kids the same - Now while I love them both the same, I never realised how impossible it was to treat them both the same. For example I take Caitlin out with me more often as she doesnt moan 'Are we done yet' half as much as Cameron, while I'm more likely to sit and play a board game with Cameron as he has much more attention for things like that.
5 - I won't push Cameron to play with his sister if he doesnt want to. - My mum always did that to me and I hated it, but I admit I find myself begging and bribing Cameron at times to play with his sister because she loves it. Oh it's hard at times! lol.
So there we go I'm not the best mum, but I'm not too bad, :) I did manage to think of some things I have stuck to.
1 - My kids won't eat loads of junk food - I was so proud when we were watching Jamie Olivers school dinner show and both kids knew all the vegtables, well except califlower but they dont usually see it with green leaves they usually see it just in the florets. lol
2 - I will teach my children manners - Yep, both of them say please, thank you and your welcome. Always proud when we go out to dinner and they sit nicely at the table. :)
3 - They will read!!!! - I was amazed to find out recently that 3 in 10 children dont own a book! That's madness! Me and Mark both love to read so were determined our kids will too. And working so far, both of them have loads of books, have a bedtime story every night (or two if they're good) and we visit the libery at least 3 times a week which they always love.
4 - They will not sit inside all day and watch tv - Given the choice both kids would rather be outside, running, playing at the park, anything. Mum often comments Cameron should have been born on a farm the amount of just running around outside he does. lol. They do watch tv, but like time on the DS that has to be earned too. :)
So see I'm not TOO bad of a mother. though saying that they're only 3 and 4. Lots of time for me to mess them up yet! lol. Oh, just a quick layout before I go pick up Caitlin. :)

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