Friday, 27 April 2012

My tidy desk :)

Ok, well after much tidying, chucken and moving things about my desk has been sorted again. lol. I do this at least every couple of months, love the layout then get bored and do it again, hopefully it will stick a bit now as I've got rid of the pc and have things much more at hand than I did. Plus lots more space :) This is not on the right hand side of my desk, where the computer used to be. The clear boxes with clear lids are Marks, lol, full of warhammer than doesnt get touched *rolls eyes* In the middle on the top are my patterned papers and a few page kits I've made up, on the bottom is most of my cardstock. The boxes on the right hand side hold tags, letters, ribbon etc. :) the letter holder on top used to be full of old paperwork and recipts but using it to hold my half finished layouts now. Probably be full soon, lol.
Top of my desk. :) Have my slice to hand which will hopefully encorage me to use it more often. The striped boxes have random embellishments and scrap paper, and my netbook is in that tiny little black case. SO much better than when I had my huge pc screen.
Under my desk are all my letters! This took me AGES to sort out but worth it I think. Most of my unfinished layouts just need titles which I avoid as hate dragging all these boxes out of the garage but hopefully now they're more to hand I'll use them more. The pink bag hold all my tools and my cuttlebug is down there too.
This is the part of my desk i see the most. :) So all my dies, mists and my most use punches are to hand. On top is the tinkerbell clock mark got me in Disney last year, the canvas I made at Sarahs cards retreat last November, and the mickey mouse snowglobe Mark bought me when we got married :)
Last bit, lol. I love these flip foward drawers, so useful for flowers, twine and things like buttons and dew drops. Marks agrees which is why the left hand side is full of warhammer, again untouched. lol.
I've got drawers full of stuff too but think thats enough waffling on. SO tired today, been putting marshmallows on sticks and other little bit for the party tomorrow. Kids are so excited :) Was out late last night too as Mark and I went to see the Avengers film. VERY good film, very 'iron man' ish with sarcastic humor but still good action. Wouldnt mind going again! lol


  1. Very impressive-wish I was half as organised!!

  2. Very neat and tidy Gemma - what are you doing letting Mark take some of your storage??? Mind you I am as bad - I had to let Mr P have 3 of my expedit cubes - mind you I am claiming back one when he retires as he won't need a cube for all the work rule books and paperwork!!

    Karen x


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