Monday, 4 June 2012

Bank holiday, doing nothing lol

Well today is bank holiday and we are doing.......nothing lol. My facebook is full of people having parties, going away etc but my plans for today are sorting washing and maybe taking the kids for a walk. Sounds dull but it's actually what the kids picked. :) Think they've had enough action with the holiday and all the activities at school last week.
Anyway yesterday I decided to sort out Camerons room a bit, he has toys in there that actually have dust on they're so neglected so wanted to get rid of a few to make some more room. One bit thing was a huge box of Duplo we got at a car boot about a year ago, was a good buy as was a RUB box filled with cars/Thomas duplo for £5. In all honesty I've never actually built up the individual sets which in retrospect is probably why Camerons never bothered with it. So with the plan to sell them I spent ALL day yesterday figuring out what sets were in there, finding pictures of them online, sorting out the bits, building them and photographing them. What happens? Cameron comes in 'Oh those are SO cool Mummy! Can I keep them? I love them!' *sigh* So we made a deal, I got to tidy his room and put some toys in the garage (4 large boxes worth!) he wasn't allowed to see what I'd removed and if he asked for it between now and Christmas he could keep it, otherwise I'm selling it. :) Was impressed with all the duplo though, £5 for a RUB box and what turned out to be over £100 worth of sets. lol.
Well it's been a while since I've done any scrapping and I really need to get back into it. Don't want the kits and papers to build up again! lol.
These are OLD photos of Caitlin and my Gran, was trying to get a nice photo of the two of them but Caitlin was in a giggle mood and would not stay still, lol.

These little tags were ideal for these photos :)

This photo was taken by Mark on his phone last summer. Caitlin had ice cream all over her mouth so not the most dignified of pictures, lol.

Love these little sentiments, thought the 'show me your smile' one went with the picture very well. lol

Well hopefully will be able to do some more tonight, or maybe even this afternoon if the kids are busy enough :)


  1. Two lovely layouts - that kit was perfect for your photographs x

  2. Fantastic layouts Gemma, I hope you manage to get some more scrapping done! :)


Thanks for your comments. :)