Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Sports day!

I think Camerons just a little bit excited it's sports day, lol, think he's told us about 30 times this morning 'It's my sports day today!' :) Thank goodness woke up to beautiful sunny weather so keeping everything crossed it holds out :)
Still have layouts to share form the ATDML cyber crop lol. This was a class by dawn Evans, this was an old photo of Caitlin wearing one of my jumpers. Doesn't she look cute!

This class was by Katherine Sutton. After I'd stuck all the paper down it looked a bit undefined around the edges of the squares, so I put the twine around it to give it a bit of texture too.

Bit of a story here, the story behind the photo is that when we got our cat Bella, my mum came round and Bella kept sitting on her head. My mum is NOT an animal fan so while she's laughing in the photo she is not in a good mood at all, lol. Hence the title 'No cat!' as that's what my mum kept saying. Anyway, yesterday, after I'd spent ages doing the layout, sticking on the twine and everything it was time for Bellas bath. Which obviously she hated. So she has the bath, I dry her best I can with her trying to get away, then come downstairs to find her sitting on my layout which is drying on the desk!!! She NEVER sits on the desk! I think the little beggar knew exactly what she was doing and it was payback for the bath.

Still working on a few classes and challenges. :) Love how there's a really long deadline so can spend a bit of time of them rather than rushing. :) Not that I'll get time this afternoon, will be too busy cheering on my little man! :)


  1. More gorgeous layouts - love how you have used the twine around the triangles - such patience!!

    And Caitlin looks really cute in your jumper.

    Enjoy sports day!!

    Karen x

  2. Great stitching on that page, really effective. Thanks so much for joining in the cybercrop. I wanted to leave a comment on your stamped painted layout but it won't let me! I love it!


Thanks for your comments. :)