Friday, 15 June 2012

My week in pictures :)

In all honesty its been a pretty boring week, lol. One of the main reasons I havent blogged much, but here we go anyway :)
Saturday - Saturday was a, well interesting day. Weather was rubbish, kids were moody and house was a mess. As soon as I cleaned one room they'd trashed the next! So Saturday night this was certinly called for :) Yummy Martini and lemonade :)

Sunday we woke up and there was this strange yellow thing in the sky. Took us a while to work out it was the sun! Thought we'd make the most of it so packed a picnic and went to the park. :) To make a day of it we went out to dinner afterwards :) There was a bit of a wait so I thought the kids how to make houses from the coasters. Cameron, like always, took it very seriously lol.

Monday was the football! Cameron was so excited about watching his first football game with daddy and insisted they both wear their football shirts. I made hot dogs and doughnuts and they really enjoyed it. :) I was surprised that Cameron actually watched the whole thing, I thought he'd get bored but he loved it. Was funny watching him shout at the tv along with Mark, he even shouted at the ref for 'telling off the blue man, he knocked down the white man and that's cheating!'

Tuesday i convinced Mark to add this to our virgin package, :) We had it before but got rid of it to save money but tbh I missed it. Not just the films but the kids are a bit old for playhouse disney now, but too young for 'wizards of wavery place' and all the bits on the general disney channel. So 'Lilo and stitch' the series and all that are perfect for them. :) Plus more Disney films for me/them. lol.

Wednesday i usually work but as the Queen was coming to visit most of the roads in our town was shut off so stayed home. Made the most of the time though doing housework and putting photos in my new frame for the wall. :)

Thursday, keeping up with the whole improving the living room idea I decided to repaint the banister. Its one of those things where you dont realise how shabby it looks until you repaint it iykwim. Poor caitlin though, I said to her it was wet so dont touch it, what does she do? Put her hand right on it and promptly start screaming! I told her she wasn't in trouble, it wouldnt hurt her etc but she didnt calm down until I washed it off. lol.

Frida, well today is going to be mainly about ironing and sorting out the kids toys (again). Now they have lego and dolls houses and all this stuff with tiny bits it drives me mad finding them everywhere. SO need to sort it out every now and again and put it back where it belongs. But thats gonna be a dull photo so thought I'd share a layout I finished last night :)

Right well better get started. Caitlins watching tv so good time to start it!

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  1. A lovely selection of pictures and a great layout x


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