Monday, 25 June 2012

More scrapping :)

Well along with housework I didnt get quite as much done yesterday as the day before but still a bit :) This was a class by Jane Hewitt which is such a great way to do hidden journaling :) Theres actually 4 layers of card under the photo to hide 4 different journaling cards.

So they can be pulled out like this :) I did mine all about what caitlin is like at age 4.

One challenge was to make most of your page about journaling. This is a layout I've been deciding to do or not for a while so took this as a sign it was time to make it :) When I was pregnant with Caitlin she was actually one of twins, but I lost the other very early on. I'm a big believer in scrapping the good times as well as the bad but never knew how to go about this one, so decided to use some pretty ledger style paper, a simple photo and lots of jornaling about how though I lost the twin, it made me even more grateful for the amazing children I do have :)

I picked this photo of the two of them as I love how close they look in it :)

This was a class by Debbie Jewell. Love the colours and how bright this one is. Plus used lots of scraps :)

Well plenty for now I think :) Did do a couple more and hope to finish some more tonight but will see, kids were up at 4:45 this morning so everyones a bit tired! lol. Camerons particually exsausted as he had a sponsered dance at his school today. Was very cute to see him 'breakdancing' (read 'spinning around on the floor') with his friends. fx if the weathers good its his sports day tomorrow! Lot of pictures there I'm thinking :)


  1. More super layouts Gemma and well done for doing the journalling one on such a difficult topic. I am hoping to do some more this week - have kits made up for two more challenges and then will tackle some more classes next weekend!!

  2. Wonderful pages all of them and I am so pleased our journalling challenge prompted such a love page of your sad loss. x


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