Friday, 8 June 2012

my week in pictures

Look at me, managed it two weeks in a row lol. Don't think I'd do it without my phone camera though.
Saturday was very relaxing :) Didnt really do much, just pottered about doing housework and they kids played at home. They also played computer games with Mark which I'm not thrilled at but there you go, lol.

Sunday was all about Lego! As I said in my other post I spent the whole day sorting out Camerons unplayed with lego to sell and he suddenly decides he loves it. Typical. lol

Monday was another relaxing day. Actually managed to do some scrapping in the daytime too :)

Tuesday was a nice day :) Thought I'd better get the kids out after not doing much so took them to a friends house in the morning. She's recently moved home so went to see her new house which was really nice :) Cameron goes to school with her daughter so the kids had a great time playing too :) In the afternoon we went to my mums house and baked jam tarts. Well some were jam tarts, some had chocolate spread, some had kiwi, some weren't even tarts they were just rolls of pastry the kids had done. lol. But all good fun :)

Wednesday was a loooooong day. Caitlin hates having her hair tied up in any way, which is annoying as her hair tangles easily and then she cries when its brushed (she refuses to see the connection) On wednesday her hair seemed to take on a life of its own and decided to get tangled onto items as well! She got it caught on the washing basket, Marks shirt, and then when I was relaxing in the bath she comes up crying. holding this car which had attached itself to her hair *sigh* To be honest this isnt new, lol, last year I heard a tearing sound, turned around to see caitlin holding one of Camerons trains with a big chunk of her hair attached to the wheel She actually jad a bald spot but didnt seem to hurt her!

Thursday was the best day of the week! Like most other people I often have a battle in my head of what I want to do, and what I should do. I've always wanted to take the kids to Florida. However at 6k its just way out of our price range, :( I did all the reserch I could trying to find a way but no chance. So, as a compromise between my head and heart (and with mark too lol) we will now be spending the kids birthdays next year here! For those of you who dont recognise this picture its hotel cheyane in disneyland paris :) OK we really cant afford it but to hell with it I'll figure it out later Lol.

Friday was all about his. My poorly baby girl. In all honesty I feel like hell myself but you know what its like kids come first. Glad mark was feeling ok today though and could help out. Wouldnt have managed if he was having a bad day.

Tomorrow we have a plumber apprently coming to give us a quote to do the bathroom (cant afford that either but hey ho lol) and going to sort out a few bits to sell too :) Hmmm wonder if those two things are related. lol


  1. Sounds like a full on week! x

  2. It sounds like you have a wonderful holiday to look forward too. I can't wait to take my boys to Walt Disney World. We are waiting until 2015 so we can save up and the boys (one still in the tummy) will be older :) it really is the most magical place. in the world!

  3. You are so good remembering to take photos! I am never very good with that sort of thing. Lol at the lego it is the story of my life every time I try to throw something out the kids decide to play with it! Yay to Disneyland, we would love to go one day too, hopefully not to far in the future as the kids are getting so big! Unfortunately the funds always end up all going to our trip to SA every second year! :)


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